Other than paper

Other than paper

In general, destroy any item, which could cause harm to your business, your employees, your customers, or the general public. The following are some examples of items other than paper, which should be destroyed.


It was discovered that thieves were stealing the empty and outdated product packages, which had been discarded for various reasons. The thieves filled the packages with inferior product and sold the packages at a flea market. This caused both lost sales and a significant deterioration in the value of the brand name. In more than one case, it was suspected that company employees new the empty packaging was thrown in the garbage and they took it.


Certain products are recalled for safety reasons. Once an item is recalled, you can’t just throw it in the trash. Thieves can retrieve the recalled products and sell them on the black market or at flea markets. Once in the market again, the manufacturer could be liable for the safety of the product. If an item is recalled for safety reasons, the item should be destroyed.


Out of date products that are thrown in the trash can come back to haunt you! These items can also be retrieved by dumpster divers and sold on the black market or at flea markets.


Uniforms (including private security, police, fire, public safety employees), as well as identification badges should be shredded.


Computer Disks, or hard drives containing corporate or individual’s information, Compact Disks used for backup purposes(CD’s), DVDs, computer tapes and other like items need to be destroyed.